17 janvier 2022

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Victim of a criminal or civil offense in France? Do not give up the case!

17 fév 2012 à 18h24 par Christophe Landat
During a stay in France, you have been a victim of criminal conduct or fraud of an individual or a professional. What to do in this situation? How to react? If the first reaction is to file a complaint when it is a criminal offense, you will tend to abandon any thought of appeal if the case is of another nature. Your presence is however not necessary to have your case heard in France.
Obviously you will not extend your stay in France to follow the development of your complaint.If you go home to New York, Ottawa, London or Sydney, it is likely that following your case from home will be mission impossible. Unless ... you contact a lawyer who will keep this matter in France for you and keep you informed of developments. 

Whether you are a victim of a crime or you have suffered a violation of your civil rights or your consumer rights, know that you're not forced to be present, French law allows the representation of individuals by the lawyer in any circumstances. 

You can, in this way, know the status of your file with your lawyer. He will explain step by step the progress of the case and its outcomes. French lawyers are competent on the whole country. You can choose the one you want freely, regardless of the location of the offense.

By the way ... English is spoken in the office!



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