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Need a lawyer in France? How to choose?

25 mars 2012 à 14h28 par Christophe Landat

Many may be cases in which a person residing abroad, whether a company or individual, may require the services of a lawyer in France. Whether a contract, to obtain information on French legislation, or European, needs can be multiple.

To meet these needs, the only solution is often one of the very large English-speakinglaw firms established in France. Their real skill is in the case of big files, but their benefits are equal to the importance of their srtucture : very, very expensive. There are other solutions.
However, many small businesses from United States, England, Canada or Australia (or other countries)  would find their happiness in using advices from a law firm of more modest size.

These companies should be aware that French lawyers has authority to act throughout the territory and before any intervention, they will be able to provide estimates of intervention, see subscriptions legal contracts if necessary.

What about the language barrier? In fact, even the less gifted in the language of Shakespeare manage to give the right information to legal requests, in one way or another.

But how to choose? Unlike american law firms, there's very few French advertising by law firms, which does not facilitate access to information. Despite all these obstacles, since the need is felt right to access safe on French land, it is better to make the step from first contact with the lawyer, at least initially : the choice begins like that.

You can also try to use the search engine of the Conseil National des Barreaux which is a kind of administration for all the lawyers. Follow that link. Unfortunately it's in french... but you'll see that you can choose your lawyer by his town.

Last but not least, you can also choose us!



1. Par willie, le 06 avr 2012 à 09h37

hello i have a small enlish company that has been operating in france for 10 yrs. question if a person take me to court they have to sue the company not me personnelly ? is that correct? what are my defenses i want to finish job on get but the client and me are blocked. help

2. Par Maître Christophe Landat, le 14 avr 2012 à 10h31
Maître Christophe Landat

Hi Willie!
You should send me an email rather than putting a comment here! I would have answer faster. But no matter.
You can be prosecuted just like your comany. But everything depends on the file and the type of litigation. Contact me by email so I can learn more in depth : christophe.landat@avocat-conseil.fr

3. Par karen, le 11 oct 2012 à 17h57

I'm Canadian-- retired -- resident in France for 35 years.
I want to know what the tax on my property would be if i imigrated to Central America
I now pay about 4000 froncier and about 4000 tax de habitation-- would I pay more as a resident in Central America? ?
and are all countries in Central America the same -eg Costa Rica and Panama etc.
Would I pay less if I went back to Canada?.
Also I would like to know how I become a none resident. I understand I can only be in France
180 days a year but is that also for retired people?
How do they know if I'm in France or Belguim and Italy when they don't stamp my passport in the European Union.
Thank you - looking forward to hearing from you.
I will be away next week in Italy till the 3 or 4 of Nov
Yours Karen Moller

4. Par Maître Christophe Landat, le 11 oct 2012 à 21h07
Maître Christophe Landat

Dear Karen,

I'm afraid you didn't post your message in the right place! So try to ask me your question using the good place and I'll be happy to answer as well as I can (copy and paste this link : http://www.avocat-consultation.com/consultations-en-ligne-avocat.html)

Sincerly yours.

Christophe Landat

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