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Dear @jack...

04 mars 2013 à 19h11 par Christophe Landat

Dear @jack,

Well... I'm aware that we don't know each other. I also know that the chances that you read that post are not so high. But I do think it's my duty to tell you why you need to choose a lawyer as your next Director in France for Twitter and why this guy should come from south of France. Of course I could just say it's because you are also from the south of your country and that in France, Montpellier is a kind of little San Francisco. But may be it would be a little bit more honnest to say that Twitter is a real challenge for the the French Law and soon, with the future european text, a challenge for the European Union law to. So here I am! Totaly unknown but rather young (come on only 38 years old!), serious (as all lawyers are, aren't they?) but funny enough (... to write those kind of silly text by exemple).

But to be honnest with you the problem is that you choosed Paris. Of course I can understand the choice. But it's a bit cold during a long part of the year and the beach is not so close. Montpellier would really be a better choice. The digital economy is dynamic, the population is young and it's one of the nicest town in France. As my wife can read my post, I will not write that the nicest french girls are also here. Yes, I know that, may be, that's not that kind of consideration that drive your choice. But please, think about it.

If not, I'm afraid I'll be force to refuse your proposal (I haven't still received it, are you sure to have the good adress?...) and I would be really sad for that. 

Best regards.



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